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Games Like Christmas Wonderland 5

Most Played Games Like Christmas Wonderland 5
Enjoy a family Christmas as you help them prepare for this special day.

Solve puzzles as well as gorgeous hidden object scenes.

Collect the Candy Cains in each scene for bonus coins.
Family Vacation 2: Road Trip

Family Vacation 2: Road Trip

- Rate Solve many hidden object puzzles.

Numerous quests and puzzles for you.

Beautiful graphics.
Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland

8 Rate Experience a fun and addictive holiday themed hidden object game.

Play through fun hidden object scenes with interesting objects and high quality design.

Solve the challenging puzzles to progress further and open new beautiful scenes.
Big City Adventure: San Francisco

Big City Adventure: San Francisco

- Rate Enjoy a tour around this amazing city as you collect items from some of the most well known places.

Enjoy Brilliant and bright hidden object scenes in this classic style game.

Find clues to your next destination in simple and fun puzzles.
Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity

The Orb of Purity

- Rate Immerse yourself in this incredible hidden object game full of mystery and suspense.

Become part of a prophecy in which you must save a world you’ve never even heard of.

Enjoy some incredible hidden object scenes and intuitive puzzle sequences as you progress through the game.
Travel Adventures: World Wonders

Travel Adventures: World Wonders

- Rate Explore all the beautiful cities in the world in this addictive hidden object experience.

Play through really well designed hidden object scenes that will require the keenest of focuses.

Solve challenging puzzles to progress through the game.
Vacation Adventures Cruise Director

Vacation Adventures Cruise Director

- Rate Take a trip aboard one of the finest cruise ships known to man.

Solve challenging puzzles that will always reward you with something worthwhile.

Play through fun and expertly designed hidden object scenarios to progress through the game.
Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin

Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin

- Rate Travel around the country and see beautiful sights in this amazing hidden object game.

Enjoy fun little mini-games that have great rewards to offer upon completion.

Complete quests along the way to make some extra currency for your business.


7.5 Rate Enter an amazing looking world that’s set in the medieval ages and has many fun places for you to explore.

Progress through the game to unlock new hidden object scenes where you can find some rare goodies.

Rescue sleeping beauty so that the fairy tale portals can function once again.
Big City Adventure: Paris

Big City Adventure: Paris

10 Rate Play through exciting and cleverly designed hidden object scenarios.

Solve challenging puzzles to unlock new locations for you to explore.

Travel through the beautiful city of Paris in this casual yet addictive experience.
Found: A Hidden Object Adventure


Download 8.4 Rate Play Found: A Hidden Object Adventure and try and survive a strange island full of strange characters and stunning hidden object scenes. Enjoy this game for Free!

Enjoy amazing hidden object scenes.

Collect set items and quest items to earn big rewards.

Use a variety of great boosters to help you.

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