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Games Like Dr Wise

Most Played Games Like Dr Wise
In Dr Wise - Medical Mysteries you are trying to save patients with mystery illnesses. Its up to you and your team of experts to crack these strange conditions.

Investigate scenes and identify clues.

Use your assistants to examin the clues.

Save lives as you find the cure for these illnesses.
Grim Tales: Color of Fright

Color of Fright

- Rate Solve the mystery of all the tragic happenings at the Grey’s family castle and put a stop to all the panic.

Experience dynamic and challenging puzzle sequences that will test your focus to the its very limits.

Create sketches and bring them to life so that they may aid you during gameplay.
Hidden Objects Sweet Home

Sweet Home

- Rate Look for the objects in this really cute little house.

Complete each level within 2 minutes.

Use your hint if you need to.
Emo Bedroom

Emo Bedroom

- Rate Find the hidden objects from this Emo bedroom. Have a skill and more fun to play this game.

Can you find all the items in time?

Play Now - It's Free!
Wonderful Holidays


- Rate Find the items among beautiful island locations.

Assemble the treasure map.

Use unlimited hints if you get stuck.
Super Kitchen Hidden

Super Kitchen

- Rate Play against the clock.

Find all the objects.

Can you beat your high score?
Arabella Gems

Arabella Gems

- Rate Welcome to Arabella Gems 2!

Find hidden objects in the cabin, park, kitchen and ambulance!

Click at the object and it will disappear - Play Free Now!
Zoo Hidden Objects 2

Zoo Hidden 2

- Rate Admire the wonderful animals as you look for items.

Play against the clock to find the objects.

Use the hint button if you get stuck.
Beach House

Beach House

- Rate Discover all Hidden Objects in Beach House!

Can you find all of them in time?

Play Free Now - Enjoy!
Lovely Room

Lovely Room

- Rate Welcome to Lovely Room - Sit down, relax, and search for amazing hidden objects.

This is one of the best browser based free hidden object games - simply click an object, if it is on the list - success!
Christmas Room

Christmas Room

- Rate Christmas Room is a Hidden Object Game where you need to find the missing items in the picture presented below.

Find the Christmas themed objects.

Play against the clock.

5 miss-clicks will lose you 10 seconds of time, so be careful.