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Games Like Relic Quest

Top 10 Games Like Relic Quest
Explore the world, make incredible discoveries, and run your own museum in Relic Quest, a NEW hidden object adventure game!

Join the ranks of OMNI, a worldwide organization dedicated to fighting smugglers and preserving ancient artifacts.

Dark secrets are waiting to be unearthed and nefarious forces are at work - can you reveal the truth before it's too late?
NatGeo: World of Secrets

NatGeo: World of Secrets

9 Rate World of Secrets is a beautifully crafted Hidden Object Game.

Help Ada Wellsboro find her father, and set off on your own adventures.

Find the hidden objects and equip yourself for your amazing explorations.
The Message

The Message

5.2 Rate Search the hidden message in forms of objects through the remarkable scenes of early days of Islam such as Hijra, Battle of Badr and Conquest of Jerusellam.

Build and expand your Islam empire, raise Iman of your people with constructing the greatest mosques in history such as Al-Aqsa Mosque or Great Mosque of Samarra.

Uncover the history of Islam through a challenging hidden objects game.
Universal Film

Universal Film

8.2 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Universal Film Mogul here:

Universal Film Mogul lets you find hidden objects on some of the world's most famous movie sets, build the ultimate movie backlot, and cast your own versions of Universal classics.

UFM features movies spanning 100 years of cinema, including Back to the Future, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Animal House, and dozens more.

Join the fun! It's the most entertaining hidden object game on Facebook.
Antiques Hunter: Portobello Road

Antiques Hunter

6.5 Rate Antiques Hunter: Portobello Road is a Hidden Object Game set in London.

Find the hidden antiques, then sell them on, or trade with your friends.

Own and decorate your own shop!
Lost Legacies

Lost Legacies

8.2 Rate Lost Legacies is that hidden object game you’ve always been searching for.

Dive into a colorful world of adventures, ancient secrets, brave companions and inscrutable foes.

Play with your friends or challenge them on this epic adventure!
Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction

6.7 Rate In "Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures", interact with kooky neighbors and search "Hidden Object" scenes for treasures beyond belief.

Combine ordinary, found items, and restore them into worthwhile treasures you can use to turn a profit!

Decorate your yard to make the home of your dreams, or create a home that would put your the loony residents of Lucky Junction to shame!
Hidden Memory

Hidden Memory

7.6 Rate Hidden Memory: Rooms of Memory is a Hidden Object game with lot of FUN!

In this game, you need to find out the secret of the manor and create different kinds of artifacts and relics.

Discover all the hidden secrets of this luxurious manor on Facebook.
Hidden Haunts

Hidden Haunts

5.1 Rate A peaceful town has fallen under a terrible curse. Its people have disappeared and only their souls remain as ghosts.

As a novice detective, you must solve the Thirteen Hauntings of Lost Haven. Unlock your sixth sense in this stunning new hidden objects game and help lift the town’s curse.

Solve supernatural cases, find hidden objects in stunning photographic scenes, build a mysterious village, and compete with your friends.
Plus Belle la Vie - Le Jeu

Plus Belle

6.5 Rate You like hidden object games, fun quizzes and surprising anecdotes that reveal the underside of the filming of a TV series? You will love Plus belle la vie - the Game.

More than 40 original scenes, revealing unknown facets of cult TV series and beautiful landscapes of Provence.

Over 500 quizzes, surprising and mischievous that will appeal to your memory, sense of observation, your knowledge of the series or of the Provence...

You join the production team and live the daily life and the vagaries of a hectic shooting which combines love, passion and jealousy.
Tales of Hidden Isles

Hidden Isles

4.7 Rate We are sorry to say that the developers of the game are no longer providing support and that it is no longer available. Please feel free to browse our Games Like Hidden Isles List here :

Tales of Hidden Isles is a hidden object game played through Facebook. Join in the adventure and enjoy the story as you play through hidden object windows.

Discover quest items as you play object windows.

Find special set items to collect great rewards.

Use your magic abilities to help you on your journey.