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गेम्स लाइक Pearl's Peril

और गेम्स
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होम गेम्स Pearl's Peril
Pearl's Peril preview image
Wooga 3-डी Classic Hidden Objects बिल्डिंग Hidden Object Puzzle
मुल्यांकन: 8,4 मुल्यांकन 43 मत
समीक्षा जोड़ें
वापस जायें रोमांटिक और भ्रष्ट 1930 में हमारी हिरोइन पर्लवाॅलिस, एस पाइलट और वल्र्ड एक्सप्लोरर के साथ।

पर्ल का ग्लैमरस समाजिक जीवन अचानक रूक जाता है जब उसके पिता रहस्यमयी ढंगूर जाते है और उसे जायदाद मिलता है रहस्यों से भरा अजीब द्वीप।

सफर करें पर्ल और उसके व्यंग्यात्मक दोस्त आइरिश हिलमैन के साथ, जैसे वे विश्वस्तरीय साजिशों को हल करते हुए दुनिया की सैर करतें है और अन्दर तक जमा देने वाले रहस्य को नैविगेट करें जिसे आप जल्दी भुल नहीं पायेगें।

संबधित ब्लाग प्रविष्ठिया

पूराने पौस्टस Jumat, Juli 24, 2015

Visit Istanbul in the Amazing Pearl's Peril

Having your own plane lets you go anywhere you want, and in her adventures Pearl has ended up in Istanbul. और पढिय
Sabtu, Juli 4, 2015

Full Kitchen in Pearl's Peril

Full Kitchen in Pearl's Peril Everyone has to eat sometime, and this kitchen is the perfect place to prepare meals, unless of cours your Pearl where everything is not as it seems. और पढिय
Jumat, Juni 19, 2015

Try Pearl's Peril

Try Pearl's Peril This amazing game has a huge amount of scenes, thrilling stories and interesting characters for you to meet as you travel the world. और पढिय
Selasa, Mei 19, 2015

Sunken Treasure in Pearl's Peril

Sunken Treasure in Pearl's Peril There is nothing quite like pirates to stir the imagination, and in this fabulous game you get to investigate a sunken pirate ship. और पढिय
Selasa, Mei 5, 2015

Train Station in Pearl's Peril

Train Station in Pearl's Peril You can't always fly, and so Pearl sometimes had to use other forms of transport, including trains and here she is waiting for her departure. और पढिय
Senin, April 13, 2015

Moscow Airport in Pearl's Peril

Moscow Airport in Pearl's Peril Flying a plane around the globe on adventures means you will also get to see a lot of airports, like this not quite normal one in Moscow. और पढिय
Rabu, April 1, 2015


Pearl’s Peril is reviewed on WWGDB! One of the best Facebook Hidden Object Games has now been covered on the brilliant new website the Worldwide Games Database, read on for more info! और पढिय
Sabtu, Maret 14, 2015

Scenery by the Beach in Pearl's Peril

Scenery by the Beach in Pearls Peril Be captivated by this scenery by the beach and enjoy its spectacle in the vibrant world of the game Pearl's Peril. और पढिय
Sabtu, Maret 7, 2015

Investigate the Library in Pearl's Peril

Investigate the Library in Pearl's Peril Being an independent minded adventurer with a knack for finding things it is only natural that you end up in a library, of course this is one with a difference. और पढिय
Kamis, Januari 29, 2015

Lake Constance in Pearl's Peril

Lake Constance in Pearl's Peril This gorgeous lake is one of the many scenes you can enjoy in the brilliant game Pearl's Peril, with over 30 unique items to find when you play too. और पढिय
पूराने पौस्टस

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Des 29, 2017 The new version of Pearl's Peril 0 0 This was such a fun game to play on my PC that is the old version loaded pretty quickly was so easy to navigate. Then UGH they had to go and ruin it by doing an upgrade,it takes forever to load I wait... पूर्ण समीक्षा Jan 11, 2016 super nr 1 1 0 cel mai super joc.!il ador पूर्ण समीक्षा Jan 11, 2016 pearls peril cocina 0 0 vuelve a los romanticos y sordidos anos 30 junto a nuestra pionera pearl wallace पूर्ण समीक्षा और अधिक समीक्षा