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गेम्स लाइक Rooms Memory

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होम गेम्स Rooms of Memory
Rooms Memory preview image
बिग फिश हिडन आबजेक्ट 3-डी डाउनलोड
मुल्यांकन: 8,4 मुल्यांकन 14 मत
समीक्षा जोड़ें
Rooms of Memory is a new game from Big Fish Games, 100% free you can download and begin to explore this amazing and wonderful new game.

Explore beautiful rooms in your mansion.

Chase off ghosts and monsters as you find special items.

Unlock the secrets of the world around you.

Welcome to Bellows Manor, here your fantastic journey into the unexplored will begin. You have inherited the manor and everything within, and its your time to decode the diary and everything here, and fulfill your destiny.

Guided by the butler Alfred you can begin to explore the manor, with a series of quests you will begin to unlock all of the secrets hidden here. As you complete each quest you will earn coins and experience. As you gain levels you will unlock more rooms to explore and earn coins, diamonds and a full energy bar.

Exploring a hidden object window will cost you a portion of your energy bar, which will refill over time. When you search a window you have to find the listed items, there are 3 types of window for you to play. The first is a normal list of items, the second is where the items are silhouette pictures. The third style of hidden object game is a darkened screen, and a torch where your mouse moves to.

In each window you have special gadgets that provide bonuses like a hint or a flare that lights up the whole screen. These gadgets can be found in the windows or purchased from the store. You can also ask your friends for items if you are running low. There are quite a few gadgets available, and they can be very powerful tools if you are getting stuck.

Completing a scene will grant you experience and coins, as well as items that you can use in the game. There are sets that you can build for rewards, or items you can find that help you progress the story. As well as those there are certain creatures that exist in the game. From dryads and sentient trees to ghosts and poltergeists. Some of the creatures can help you if you free them, and others will hinder you.

If a scene is possessed by ghosts or another creature it has an effect on the room, from scrambling the names of the items to removing your gadgets. These negative effects can be removed by items that you find, or by completing that scene with the penalty that the creature produces.

As you finish quests you will also unlock more and more of this fantastic story. There is so much for you to explore and as you open more and more rooms you will discover some amazing secrets.

The hidden object rooms themselves are amazing, with some fabulous quality artwork and some beautiful scenes. The items themselves move around as you play, keeping the game interesting and unique each time you go through a scene.

The coins and diamonds can be spent on energy drinks, set items and gadgets. Each level you will earn 5 diamonds to spend, and both currencies can be purchased for real money through the game. There is also the option to ask your friends for items too.

Rooms of Memory is a complete game, with a fully engaging story, some brilliant scenes to play through and a huge amount of variety in what you do. The addition of creatures adds a fun element that can be enjoyable to play. Beautifully drawn and a seamless gameplay really add a great sense of completeness to the game.

For hidden object fans there is a lot of what you expect, with a little bit more added. There are mini games to play as well as amazing hidden object scenes. The quality of this game is really high, although you need to download it, it is free to play and worth the time to set up. Rooms of Memory is fantastic fun and will keep you playing for a long time to come. Rooms Memory सारांश

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पूराने पौस्टस Jumat, Januari 16, 2015

The Boulangerie in Rooms of Memory

The Boulangerie in Rooms of Memory Even a trip to the bakers in the morning can bring you a surprise or two and there is a lot of fun items hidden in this scene. और पढिय
Sabtu, Januari 10, 2015

The Magic Forest in Rooms of Memory

The Magic Forest in Rooms of Memory Nothing speaks to the heart of a fairytale more than a magical forest, and in Rooms of Memory you can explore one of the brightest you will see in a Hidden Object Game. और पढिय
Kamis, Januari 1, 2015

The Flower Garden in Rooms of Memory

The Flower Garden in Rooms of Memory There are some pretty amazing locations you travel to in Rooms of Memory and this is one of the prettiest, and potentially most dangerous. और पढिय
Minggu, Desember 21, 2014

Dragon Eggs to be Found in Rooms of Memory

Dragon Eggs to be Found in Rooms of Memory While there are some fun places to visit in Rooms of Memory you are also taken to some amazing fantasy locations, like this nest of a great dragon. और पढिय
Minggu, Desember 7, 2014

Spectacular Ice Castle in Rooms of Memory

Spectacular Ice Castle in Rooms of Memory This amazing scene is brought to you from the free Rooms of Memory, and you can explore a castle made of ice and discover its secrets. और पढिय
Kamis, Desember 4, 2014

The Set in Rooms of Memory

The Set in Rooms of Memory Travel behind the scenes on the set in this amazing free hidden object game and take a sneak peak into what happens when you make a film. और पढिय
Jumat, November 28, 2014

Under the Sea in Rooms of Memory

Under the Sea in Rooms of Memory You too can travel under the sea in this amazing hidden object game, discover new worlds as you find and create objects to aid you in your quest. और पढिय
Sabtu, November 1, 2014

Beautiful Scene in Rooms of Memory

Beautiful Scene in Rooms of Memory There are lots of places to explore in Rooms of Memory, and this scene is just stunning, up close on a gaming board. और पढिय
Sabtu, September 20, 2014

Wine Cellar in Rooms of Memory

Wine Cellar in Rooms of Memory No stately home could ever be called that without its very own luxurious, and well stocked wine cellar, and this house is no exception. और पढिय
Rabu, September 10, 2014

Stargazing in Rooms of Memory

Stargazing in Rooms of Memory In Rooms of Memory there are some amazing things to see, and here you can tell that they take their own views seriously. और पढिय
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Apr 22, 2018 Wich I would 0 0 Is not avaliable here in my country(Portugal),neither on android.
Please,put this great game on android for I like it very much and I played every time but my pc is broken. Thank you
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