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Gardens of Time è un'affascinante gioco di Oggetti Nascosti. Milioni di giocatori sono già collegati per cercare oggetti nascosti in posti da scena particolarmente interessanti.

Sei il nuovo agente in Time Society: un'organizzazione top secret devota nel preservare il tempo.

Visita paesaggi fantastici intorno al mondo e colleziona artefatti ed oggetti in ogni posto per creare un giardino opulento. Gardens of Time Recensione

Video - Giochi di Oggetti Nascosti!

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Beijing Market in Gardens of Time

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Travel through history in Gardens of Time

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Spring on the Farm in Gardens of Time

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martedì, dicembre 16, 2014

The Manor House in Gardens of Time

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Enjoy Christmas Themed Items in Gardens of Time

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feb 4, 2017 the game has issues 0 0 I used to play garden of time all the time, now I cannot even get past all the ads and commercials they have before the game can be played and if I do the game does not load right. the game used to be... Recensione Completa gen 23, 2016 Review 1 0 Excellent game barring the ads. Recensione Completa lug 1, 2015 Where or Where did you go? 6 0 GOT on Facebook is missing the best parts of the game.. the interaction between people! The game is basically the same .. no gold tournamets team play.. basically I quit when the game went only to Fac... Recensione Completa nov 22, 2014 Gardens of Time 3 1 This game is very addicting. I love it Recensione Completa Altre Recensioni