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Pretty Simple Games List

Founded in 2011 in Paris France Pretty Simple have 3 games that they have developed and market themselves focusing in the casual genre and across different platforms. Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Classic Hidden Objects Investigation Hidden Object Puzzle 8.2 Rate Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game.

Work crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence to catch the true killers.

Play through all the levels and find the culprits and lock them away.
Criminal Case: Save the World

Criminal Case: Save the World

Classic Hidden Objects Investigation Pet Avatar Hidden Object Puzzle 5.3 Rate Save the world one case at a time with the international agency known as The Bureau

Work with Jack Archer and his team of officers and forensic scientists to put criminals behind bars

Uncover the nefarious plot behind the series of terrorist attacks that had taken Europe by storm
Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Crime Hidden Object Adventure Hidden Object Puzzle - Rate Play this captivating mobile based hidden object game that promise to deliver an extraordinary experience.

Locate clues and analyze them in the labs in order to catch the culprits.

Complete tons upon tons of challenging yet engaging hidden object scenes that are sure to test your skills.

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